On September 11, 2001, around 8 A.M. E.S.T. terrorist hijacked planes on a suicide mission ran into the twin towers of the World Trade Center buildings causing 96 of the 101 floors to collapse. Around the same time another hijacked plane crashed into the Pentagon ... while a 4th crashed in PA.

The USA considers this an act of war.

It is a time to pray for the family and friends of those 6,300 plus lost.

It is a time for the citizen of the USA to pull together and support whatever action is necessary to bring those responsible for this horrendous act to justice.

Below is a poem written by a sister in Canada ... it expresses the support of many of our Neighbors to the north ... I thank her and them.


Sept 11, 2001

. . .

Sun rises

to greet a

new day

filled with

new hopes

new dreams

new promises

. . .

For one brief moment

everything as it should be

and then . . .

Time Stopped

Hearts broke

Dreams ceased

Screams of Terror

Tears of Sorrow

filled the air

the sun blocked

with blackened smoke

. . .

Why this

unspeakable carnage?

What good could ever become

from such horrendous acts?

Could it be that someone

truly believed it would

cure the woes that

beset this earth?

How uncomprehending

their hearts - how dead their Spirits

. . .

As days pass

and the death toll rises

the images are forever

etched in our hearts

and minds of this day

when someone decided

to shatter human lives

and attempt to destroy

a Nation's Heart

. . .

It failed you know.

Infact it only united

the peoples' resolve

to stand Free and

it joined like minds

from around the

world who rise and say


We shall not Fall

to the tyranny

of oppression,


and terror that

rules the heart

of evil incarnate

no matter it's face.

. . .

Sept 11 2001

a day when

time stopped

and America

wept . . .

May God Heal your

broken hearts and

God Bless the

United States of America


Poem used with her written permission and copyright ? hers all rights reserved.