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Wolf Light was created to be a beautiful and informational group of pages about the Wolf and the hardship it has had to and still has to endure because of humankind. I hope you enjoy your stay.

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I love this Pastel by Bob Quick.
I think the symbolic meaning is wonderful.

"As we studied each other, I became aware that although he was prepared to be friendly, he was also still subjecting me to intense scrutiny. And as always happens when I look deeply into the eyes of a wolf, I found myself drawn into another realm, an altogether different plane of mystical dimension far removed from the material norms that today mold the affairs of mankind. Hypnotically impelling, Shawano's glowing eyes probed into my being, reading me, looking for weakness, for fear, for aggression----above all, for honesty."......
R.D. Lawerence...In Praise of Wolves.

Wolf Lights Chetan Wolf Lights Orca

Chetan and Orca
are part of the Wolf Park Program. Wolf Park is a nonprofit facility established in 1972, which conducts research into wolf behavior, particularly reproductive and inter-pack social behavior. They are incorporated under the North American Wildlife Park Foundation, Inc. and were founded and still are directed by Dr. Erich Klinghammer.

Somehow we have all fallen victim to the dark age
myth about the evil wolf. We on the earth plane would
be wise to pay a bit of attention to the true attributes
of this magnificent creature....and perhaps follow suit.
They are fiercly loyal and devoted to the social order
of the pack.

Please enjoy my collection of wolf pictures.....
I give credit when possible but am not always sure of
the source so if I step on anyones copyright please let
me know and I will remove the image or give due credit

Wolf Lights wolf       Wolf Lights wolf22

(left) An acrylic "The Shadow Hunter" by Rick Kelley
(right) Kennan Ward photography "Gray Wolf"

This next series of photos I have no idea who did the
filming as they were sent to me.

Wolf Lights wolf60 Wolf Lights wolf50

The Wild Wolf's Lullaby

Out West where desert sands are hot
By day when winds are dry,
And nights are cool and lighted by
A sparkling starlit sky.

A child, I slept to serenades
When desert nights were still,
As wolves wept out their mournful songs
Up on the moonlit hill.

And deep within my growing soul
Their music intertwined,
To haunt the days I'm living now
With years I left behind.

My lonely heart yearns for that sound
The wild wolf's serenade,
The lullaby that filled my dreams
When memories are made!

thank you ...Kate Watkins Furman....Rosemont, Pennsylvania
Kate sent this wonderful poem to Wolf Haven for their newsletter.

Wolf Lights watchful

Wolf Lights SmokeyWolf Lights Hurricane

Smokey and Hurricane were my adopted alpha pair.
Their History

If you would like to help in the upkeep of one of these beautiful animals you can contact:

wolf_hav.gif - 28.04 K

"Wolf Haven"
at 1 800 448-9653.

Wolf Lights MooseWolf Lights Tenino Montana

Moose and Tenino Montana are the other 2 wolves that captured my heart.
Their History

Another very good wolf site published by: Dale Crockett

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