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What Shopping Cart Software to use?

As a business owner things you should consider before choosing your shopping cart software.

You do not have much time to impress your potential customer.
Believe it or not an amateur site will cost you sales.
Why you might ask?
Your website represents your product.
No matter how great your product your site helps define not only that but you.
Are you professional?
The internet store is one place where a book is judged by its cover.
Did you cut corners in the creation of your online shop?

The internet shop is the easiest of businesses to open. It virtually runs with no overhead.

If you are a smart business person you WILL invest in a good professional looking site.

Your options are:
  1. That investment can come from you learning what it takes to build your own site.
  2. You can hire a professional to design your site for you.
  3. Move into a turnkey operation (one of the many companies that for a monthly fee run off their site).
  4. Or you can purchase your own license and run your own software on your own server.

Things to consider:
Do you have the time and inclination to learn HTML, CSS and everything else it takes to design your store?
How much money will that cost you in time spent conquering the learning curve?
Can you afford the $600 and up to have a custom design site built for you?
Do you want someone else (in a turnkey operation) to have control over and access to your customer database and store?

I have been doing web design now for over 10 years.
There are a few things I have learned by trial and error.
The most important is register you domain name with a reliable company. My favorite is Godaddy.
The second is find a reliable host and server to house your domain. I have my own and all 43 of my domains are housed at Galleria Hosting. Personally I went through 3 servers before I found one that had an actual uptime of above 99.5%.

Once you have those things under control then you need to figure out what to do about a shopping cart. There are a number of shopping carts available now. Some are FREE and others you can purchase a license and own yourself.

I have tried most of the free shopping carts and considering the weeks I spent trying to configure them (and then scrapping them) I do not consider that FREE. I tried Zen, CubeCart, OSCommerce and several others over the years. I gave up.

A year ago a friend had me try the Avactis shopping cart.
It is a web designers dream come true.

The design part is purely HTML, CSS or anything else you use to do your web designs.
The cart tags are simply entered into your own design and you have a fully functioning website and shopping cart to match.

Since that time I have been designing "store styles" specific for the Avactis shopping cart and now the business person can choose a design if he does not have one and be ready to enter his product in about 30 minutes.

How much?

$199 License Specials.

If you purchase your license from Avactis Store Styles there are 2 choices:
1. License with $50 Credit toward a store style of your choice.
2. License with 1 year FREE web space on my server.

Try the demo at my "store styles" test site.
You can get all of the details about the cart on the Avactis website ... you can also try the demos there.
If you are looking for a shopping cart it will be worth your time.