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Jukebox 2.....for a bit of country.


One day while surfing the net I ran across a Jukebox and
loved the idea soooooo.....this is my rendition! !

AAC.jpg - 13.3 K

The Midi sequencing is done by Don Carroll..........I love his
work he is the best on the net....in my opinion.

DonLogo.jpg - 13.7 K

I give a big thank you to Wurlitzer for the wonderful photos of
all of their old models of jukboxes from 1930 to now....drop
by and take a look at the history of the american music
playing industry..........any of us past 40 can relate th the soda
shop nostalgia.

wurlitzerlogo.gif - 5.0 K

I have created these images in Photoshop 4.0..........what a pity
I spent so much time and money on other software, that can't
hold a candle to it.

pkg_3qtr.gif - 10.2 K

Now last but not least I created this image map with a little program
called Cross Eye..........so simple a child could use it ! !

hdsmall.gif - 1.6 K

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