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This area is under Construction! !
If you are here reading this I must assume you are interested to know a
little bit about me. I was born and raised in Fresno, California. I love this
area. It is the central part of California and considered an agricultural fact we are the raisin capitol of the US. Not far from here
we have Yosemite National Park with its breath taking waterfalls and
wonderful redwood forrest. A must see attraction for visitors.

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Bridal Vail Falls

If you are interested in some very beautuful photographs of Yosemite
visit Ansel Adams Site.

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Vernal Falls (1948)
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Moon & Half Dome
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Gates of the Valley (1948)

Ansel Adams

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Another point of interest in this area is the Sequoia
and Kings Canyon National Park. Established in
1890 Sequoia is the second oldest national park in the
United States. Protected in the park are the
Giant Trees, in particular the General Sherman Tree,
the worlds largest living thing.

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In the Grant Grove area of the Park you will find the
General Grant Tree, it is the third largest tree in the
world and the Nation's Christmas Tree. It has been
designated a National Shrine, the only living memorial
to Americans who gave their lives for freedom.

The ages of the General Sherman, General Grant and other large sequoias
are unknown, but it is estimated that these giants are between 1800 and 2700
years old. They have seen civilization come and go, survived countless fires
and long periods of drought, and continue to flourish -- inspiring yet another
generation of admirers. I am always awed to think these wonderful trees
have been here since the time of Christ.
They are truly the Masterpieces of the Forest !

My interests are varied. If you take a tour around my site it will not take you long to see this is me. I love animals, especially the independant cat, I have 5 of my own and always have neighbor's cats auditioning for a home. There always seems to be room for one more mouth at the kitty bowl.

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Beau my scamp
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Kimu the lover
Jz the tuffy

Now cats are not my whole life we have a beautiful dog also. She is our latest addition to the family. Her name is Lisa and she is my husbands pride and joy. She came to us in mid September of '96 she was an 8 pound wobblie bundle and in 8 short months has turned into a 64 lb one dog demolition team in the back yard. Daily she shreds something.

She is now 2 going on 4 and has grown out of the puppy stage and turned into a beautiful girl. Visit her on the patio at the house.

More to come later...........

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