A big problem on the World Wide Web! !
Web Designers and Homepage Owners
This is a problem that concerns you!

What the heck is bandwidth theft you ask?

Very simply it is when someone else uses your paid server space and your images to make their website.

How does it differ from a link to your page?

It does not link to your page at all it links directly to your parent directory on your server and your stuff is now their stuff only you are paying for the storage.

Why would someone do this?

Many times out of ignorance.....some people just do not know how to properly do links.....other times the perpetrator is just to cheap to pay for his own web space.

Why should you care?

Maybe for the same reason you would care if someone stole your car.....because it is... or will be... money out of your pocket.

Please be advised that this incident happened in September of 1997.
It was resolved in a few days.
In the beginning as you will see if you read further some of the major players involved were not very co-operative.
However when the upper strata of the company was reached things shifted very quickly in the favor of those who had their material stolen
I have just recently received an e-mail from one of the citizens at active world and he reported that active world discourages bandwidth theft.

If you are interested in what started this page then read:
The Scoop

For those of you who are interested in a simple solution for this problem read on:

About 3 months ago I was approached to beta test a cgi script that would put a screeching stop to this problem.
I am not worlds best at cgi or perl....but I was game.
Actually it was quite simple once I understood what had to be done.
You also have to understand that the guys who write this stuff are usually not very good in the help file area.

Ray the author of the program assured me that he could get me thru it...and he did.....I think we both learned a lot.

I especially like this program because it allows you to place the program in any of your directories and protect that directory specifically.

Each directory may have a special code name for your images. The path to the image is one sub-directory and the cgi shifts it to the coded one automatically.

For example....say my image shows to be:

Should anyone link to that path from their website this is what they get:


Now the fun part of this is they do not always know this happens for a while.

What the program does is redirect the teu.cgi sub-directory to the actual hidden directory on my server that is named say "kittycat" and when "kittycat" is not accessed from kats-korner....they get the raspberry image called bt.gif that you see above.

Now you could get very creative here if you choose and make your own image or images of course as long as you name it the same.

This program also generates a logfile telling you exactly who is ripping off your bandwidth.

On January 7, 1999 an individual linked to one of my egg jewel boxes
I would have thought very little of it but they linked the image to e-bay auction BBS.
I am wondering why?.......lol
What a surprise when the above image showed up instead of my beautiful egg jewel box.

I am now in the process of shifting all of my images to protected sub-directories.

I love this program and I know you will too it you try it out.

You must have access to your cgi bin on your isp in order to use this program however.

You can contact Ray at:

I am proud to be a member of Web Prestige.

I am also a member of and support WebGuard! !

If you would like to become a Bandwidth Theft Activist feel free to take the image below and link it back to this page. Together we can put a stop to this very bad practice.


Do not link to this image (or you will end up with the "I am a Bandwidth Thief" on your page) download the image to your own hard drive and up to your own server. You may link the image back to this page. The code is below:

<A HREF="http://kats-korner.com/html/bandwidth/">
<IMG SRC="bandact.jpg" WIDTH="313" HEIGHT="125" BORDER="0" ALT="bandact.jpg - 14K"> </A>

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