Premarin/Horse Slaughter Campaign

The United Animal Nations is committed to spreading the word to America's women about their most prescribed drug, Premarin, and what it costs 75,000-85,000 pregnant mares and a nearly equal number of their foals in the nightmare world of PMU (translation: pregnant mares' urine) barns.

Yes, horse urine! Premarin, contains over 50 horse estrogens extracted from mares' urine, not one of them natural for human females.

And what happens to the foals of these pregnant mares? Most are sold for slaughter and the meat shipped to Japan and Europe. And what happens to the mares once their reproductive days are over? They're sold for slaughter. Do you think horses are for eating!

Women of America can save horses from abuse and slaughter right now at the prescription counter!

Hormone replacement therapy is essential for many women, not only to alleviate the problems of menopause, but to protect against heart disease, osteoporosis and other serious problems afflicting women in maturity. Still, you don't have to take Premarin. Ask your doctor if he/she will prescribe a plant-derived HRT such as Estrace, Estraderm, Ogen, OrthoEst, Estratab, Menest, Estinyl, Estrovirus, OrthoDienestrol or Tace many made from yam or soy.

(Yes, Yam! Low-dose estrogen derived from yams and soy may protect women from osteoporosis just as well as today's higher-dose pills made from horse urine. And it has fewer side effects.

Sources: New England Journal of Medicine (1,2); Archives of Internal Medicine Printed in Time Magazine, December 22, 1997)

(Note: Time made a common mistake. Premarin is not made from horse urine, but from estrogens extracted from horse urine.)

Only by reducing the market for Premarin can we hope to reduce the profit in running a pregnant mare's urine collection barn and selling the little living by-products to be slaughtered and eaten. And there are other ways you can help:

  1. Women talk to each other, so tell your friends and family members what you've learned about Premarin.
  2. Print out this page and take it to your doctor. Put yourself on record as opposing the way this drug is manufactured.
  3. Write to Wyeth-Ayerst's President Robert Essner at P.O. Box 8299, Philadelphia, PA., 19101-8299. Tell him you'd like to see them put some of the profits of their nearly $1 BILLION a year in sales toward finding a synthetic version of Premarin.
  4. Join UAN and lend your support to our ongoing fight against the manufacture of Premarin and the slaughter of more innocent horses.
UAN members made a difference.

Many of our members write to tell us that they have stopped taking Premarin. One in Los Gatos, California not only asked her doctor to switch to a plant-based (soy or yam derivative) product but insisted her doctor post one of UAN's Journal articles on his bulletin board. Another let us know that she got the okay to switch from Premarin to a cruelty-free HRT, but her insurance company would not fund the prescription. Did this stop her? No. She wrote her insurance company, and they backed down. Now her HRT is cheaper and doesn't kill horses. A male member told us he urged his wife to switch from Premarin to Estradiol. These and many more UAN members standup for animals.

1 Thank you to United Animal Nations for allowing me to mirror their page on this issue. All of this information is used with their express written permission.
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