Valentine Eggs

Angel Love

cupfr.jpg - 29.2 K cuptop.jpg - 34.5 K cupop.jpg - 23.2 K

This charming little egg is a ranch size goose egg. The cupid design
was cut from a piece of wrapping paper and then the design was coated
with about 5 coats of Volaire, then it was dipped about 6 times in Deep
Flex Hi Gloss. I allowed this to dry for about 2 weeks then added a
coat of Deep Flex Pearl Powder..........after that one must take care not
to fingerprint the shell. The egg was then hinged and cut. There is a
touch tone music box inside and the lining was put in and the decoration
was put on the outside........This is a quick simple little project.

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Butterfly Valentine

butfr.jpg - 31.4 K buttp.jpg - 53.9 K butin.jpg - 30.7 K

This regular size goose egg is painted an ivory color. It is a music
box and a jewel box. The butterfly findings were coated with a plastic
film and then painted red...........The egg shell is decorated with red
velvet and red rhinestones.........the tiny pearls are actually attached
to the loop braid that helps hide the cut line....the stand is made up
of a number of seperate beads then attached to the onyx base.
The filigree design on the onyx is a piece of gallery wire that was
cut apart and epoxied on.

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supfu.jpg - 26.8 K
Valentine Surprise
supupbo.jpg - 26.9 K

supop.jpg - 27.0 K sbot.jpg - 29.8 K

I used a regular ranch size goose is spray painted a delicate
lite pink....then about 5 coats (thin) of Deep Flex Pearly Mist was
applied. The heart on the front is filled in with rhinestone is
rose alternated with pearl.....inside there is a glass purfume bottle that
is decorated with light green rhinestone chain........there is a lite pink
heart that hangs inside the heart in the stand.........the corian base is
sprayed with the same finish as the egg shell........this egg stands about
7 inches tall

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