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It is only natural, since I have been a seamstress for much of my life,
and also spending a number of years making porcelain antique
reproduction dolls that at some point making these little beauties would
be of interest to me. From the moment I saw "Gone With the Wind" as
a child I was taken with the very beautiful gowns of the period.
Those of you who are seasoned eggers will recognize these little
ballarina makeovers............I take the little plastic ballarinas which are
about 2 1/2 inches tall resculpt their bodies, arms and legs, paint
them and dip them in a matte porcelain finish........then their clothes
are designed from bits of silk ribbon, lace, satin or what ever I can
find that will get the look I want...............they have fiber hair and are
adorned with very tiny silk rosebuds.....On these pages are a few
of my favorites...........I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as
I have enjoyed making them.

the house

scarfr.jpg - 5.9 K scarsi.jpg - 5.7 K scarbk.jpg - 5.4 K

Mz. Scarlett

valgf.jpg - 37.0 K valgsf.jpg - 40.9 K valgb.jpg - 33.9 K

Valentine Girl

amberfr.jpg - 19.5 K ambersd.jpg - 17.8 K amberbk.jpg - 18.5 K


angeliqfr.jpg - 21.8 K angeliquesd.jpg - 20.6 K angeliquebk.jpg - 20.7 K


charlottfr.jpg - 16.9 K charlott.jpg - 19.6 K charlottbk.jpg - 17.2 K


mariefr.jpg - 20.7 K mariesd.jpg - 21.2 K mariebk.jpg - 21.3 K


cotillionfr.jpg - 19.2 K cotillion.jpg - 18.3 K cotillionbk.jpg - 20.1 K

Cotillion Miss

bridefr.jpg - 18.0 K bridesd.jpg - 18.5 K

June Bride

hattiefr.jpg - 18.1 K hattiebk.jpg - 17.1 K


the house

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