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When I started this Missing Child page there was little being done in the private sector on this subject. Since that time the interest in this matter has grown at break neck speed. The missing children's ring is now over 1800 strong. All of the members are concerned, everyday citizens, like you and I, who want to donate their time and energy for a cause important to our children and their safety. We have done it! We have banded together. We have become strong and we are making a difference. We are fighting for the future of this planet.

The Children


The Shannon VerHage Story

How long are we in society going to tolerate the folly of our justice system?
How long are we going to tolerate the lawyers who lie, cheat and do anything to get their clients off?
How long are we going to tolerate the long appeals?
How long are we going to tolerate the murderers being let loose to kill
How long is it going to take us all to support the 3 strikes law and make it a one strike law?
Is there justice in the justice system?
Certainly not for the victim!!!

If you want to check your area for convicted sex offenders visit

Sex Offenders List

Where are the people who are willing to fight for the rights of the victim and not protect the predator?

There has been a lot of talk lately on the internet about the Boylovers.
I am not for censorship anywhere ... but ! ! I am sorry the line needs to be drawn here.
Investigate for yourself ... make your own decision ... what do you think?

~~ Update ~~

April of 2001

A few months ago the family of a young boy who was tortured and killed by a gay couple ... is now suing Boylovers orgainzation. It seems that the gay couple were members of Boylovers. It is alleged that Boylovers on the QT instructs its members how to seduce young boys into their lairs ... and in this case it ended in murder.

The ACLU is defending Boylovers on freedom of speech.

Boylovers no doubt should be charged with the Rico Act ... but so far our United States Attorney General has not chosen to do this.

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Click on the image and go to this very informative page and find out just what is going on with the boylovers. Keep in mind it is sad but true these boylovers may be your next door neighbor or worse a family member.

Our best line of defense is being informed and not just ignoring the truth.

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This Java Applet Banner will run continuously, displaying the 13 Missing Children Alert Cases. Clicking on the photograph will bring up the Alert
Page with more information, and the ability to print posters. Clicking
on the Marquee Message will connect to the NCMEC home page.

The image seen will change every ten minutes.
Currently the 12 most recently reported missing children
are kept in this queue. Clicking on the NCMEC logo will bring
you to the home page; clicking anywhere else will bring you to
the full details of the missing child's record. There is also
included a link to view the entire queue of 12 children.

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This site is owned by Terry Lee he is a survivor of ritual abuse. His story is compelling....he is a light for those of us who snivel and whine about how hard life has been ... most of us can never imagine how hard life really can be. The charcoal drawing is his and will take you to his site.

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My little friend Kim in Southern California has just started her own website for the missing children of the world ... .the Missing Children Ring is now over 600 strong and growing every day ... in a few short months those who are choosing to put a little time and space to this effort are making a difference.

Links to other sources for missing children.


The two little girls in my header are from a painting by Maude Humphrey the mother of Humphrey Bogart ... ..she was quite a renowned painter of children in her time ... she and Bessie Pease Guttman are two of my favorites....the beautiful frame and flowers is work by Bronwen Ross.

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