Lynx, Leopard, Tiger, Mountain Lion, Puma, Cougar, Panther, Maine Coon, BobCat

The cat has always been intriguing to me. I have seven of my own.
The Big Cats capture the wild in my heart.
My personal totem is the Snow Leopard. This most magnificent and mysterious creature has captured the essence of my soul.

I will be expanding these pages with each of the separate cats. There will be many pictures and much data on each cat... so come back and peek as I work away ... and for now enjoy the slide show. There are thirteen different pictures in all, they start with my Beau, he is a little cat but mighty in my heart.

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This group of pages was set up to give a bit of coverage to the beautiful bigcats. If you start at the next page at the bottom of the page and follow the links you will eventually end up back at the library. You will have visited pages about the:

The Leopards ... Snow, Amur, Clouded, Black Panther, Asian
Tiger ... Siberian ... Bengal (coming)

Want to research any of the Big Cats yourself?
K.C. Lamb
has a very comprehensive list of information published over the past 20 or so years.


Lynx, Leopard, Tiger, Mountain Lion, Puma, Cougar, Panther, Maine Coon, BobCat

This beautiful award comes from Diane her site was "Wolfsong". It was gorgeous! Unfortunatly she has closed it.

~~ Credits ~~

Thank you RJHM van den Bergh for the great slide show.

The music "Lionstheme" is composed by Steve May....he reserves all rights to it not use it without his express permission.
Thank you Steve you know how much I love this perfect cat music. I can close my eyes and envision these silent beauties padding through their domain.
You can mail him at:
Steve May
or visit his website at:
The SongLion

Noteworthy Links
earth_banner.jpg - 8.42 K
Nomads: "This Planet Earth"
What can I say but Mary does superb is always a pleasure to visit one of her sites.

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