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I love the work of Harrison Fisher.
Maybe because I was a seamstress (specializing in bridal clothing and tailoring) for so many years. When I took up porcelain doll making the Victorian era was the inspiration for the clothing I designed for my dolls. I loved the Gibson and in my search for authentic plates of old clothing I stumbled on to Harrison Fisher.

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Fisher had a knack for capturing the opulent elegance of the time. His women were breathtakingly beautiful and his illustrations show very independent American women who were educated and well traveled.

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Harrison Fisher (1875-1934)

"The Father of A Thousand Girls"!
And the originator of "The American Girl", his series of immensely popular images painted between 1898 and 1934, primarily 1902 to 1915.

A consistent and admired illustrator of his day Harrison Fisher portrayed the ladies of his day in a remarkable light.

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Showing an early interest in drawing and from the age of six Harrison was instructed by his father, Hugh Antoine Fisher, a landscape painter. When his family moved from Brooklyn to San Francisco, Harrison studied there at the Mark Hopkins Institute of Art.

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At sixteen, Fisher had begun to make drawings for the San Francisco Call and later for the Examiner.

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Soon after returning to New York, Fisher sold two sketches to Puck Magazine which also hired him as a staff artist.

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He became noted for his ability to draw beautiful women, and his Fisher Girls became rivals to those of Gibson and Christy.

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The American Girl was a favorite theme for the magazine then, and Fisher did cover illustrations for most of them. For many years he was under an exclusive contract to do covers for Cosmopolitan, but eventually he restricted himself to painting portraits including many actresses and theatrical personalities.

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