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Sometime back a young man from Saddleworth, West Yorkshire, UK sent me a painting of a snow leopard that he did.

We got acquainted and he sent me some photographs of his own collection of rear creatures

Sometimes we forget just how beautiful mother nature made her own paintscapes and the creatures within.

Ged has his own site with lots of information on what most of us call the "creepie crawlies" ... it is definitely worth an educational moment.
Ged's Pages

The images below are paintings he did back in the 1980s.

They are painted on watercolor board in Gouache and watercolor pencil.

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Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford

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Chris Lee

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Star Wars

A little of Ged's Background:

After leaving Art College in 1980 he worked as a freelance artist for a number of Manchester companies and also World International publishers illustrating natural history books.

He did book cover art for many children s annuals and also portrait illustration.

Over the last eight years he has been in the Video games industry where he works as a 3D computer artist and designer. He plans ... in the not to distant future ... to get out his paint brushes to do a natural history collection of endangered species that he has had on my mind for some years.

What Ged does for fun:

Ged and Manchester museum are captive breeding a rare frog on the brink of extinction, Andrew Gray the curator of Manchester museum is a leading authority on the South American phyllomedusine leaf frogs and the Costa Rican government gave the museum permission to take some specimens as part of a breeding project of which Ged is part.

Ged like myself realizes so many beautiful creatures under threat and with the world at war physically, economically and politically it could well be one way ticket to destruction for a number of species. But Ged's motto is "but I'll try along with thousands of others to help the wildlife get by somehow."

I have every confidence that he certainly will.

Here are some photos of the rare frogs Ged has and breeds.

"People don't realize just how amazing these living gems are, when I show people my collection they nearly always have tears of wonder in there eyes that such creatures exist."

They are indeed beautiful ... I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoy being able to display there here.

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Tiger Leaf Frog

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Tiger Leaf Frog

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Red Eye Tree Frog

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Marbled Tree Frog

Look at the wonderful eyes on this little beauty ... not to mention the great body color.

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Lemur Leaf Frog

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And last but not least where these wonderful little creatures reside at the moment.

Thank you Ged for sharing your world with my visitors.

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