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This site is dedicated to the softer side of life. It has always been my belief that we are divinely guided and watched over. This is my collection of beautiful Angels. Because of the good quality of the pictures these pages may be slow to sit back and enjoy the music while you wait.
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I am told we are guarded and watched over every day of our lives by angels who want only what is best for us.....imagine how difficult it must be for them to watch us choosing to put ourselves in harms way.
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~Bessie Pease Gutmann~
This picture has a very special meaning for hung in my room as a child and was put there by my grandmother who was a very important part of my life.....perhaps because of that I have always loved Bessie's work.

Bessie was born on April 6, 1876, her talent surfaced at a very young age and she went to art school in Philidelphia.

Her paintings of children were sought after in the United States as well as abroad. She had the ability to capture the innocence of childhood.

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She painted for over 50 years, her failing eye site finally forced her to stop her beloved work. She will always be remembered for the beautiful children she painted.

An angel with a radiant face,
Above a cradle bent to look,
Seemed his own image there to trace,
As in the waters of a brook.

~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow~
"The Angel and the Child"

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~Bessie Pease Gutmann~
The Butterfly.....Cupid.....Bubbles

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~Juan Antonio Escalante~ 1667
An Angel Awakens the Prophet Elijah

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~Hendrick Von Balen~ 1599
The judgment of Paris (detail)

Angles, as 'tis but seldom they appear,
So neither do they make long stay:
They do but visit and away.

~John Norris~
To the Memory of his Niece

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~Carlo Maratta ~ 1670
Cupids with a Garland of Flowers (detail)

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~Angelica Kaufan~ 1741 - 1807

Angels: Purely spiritual beings with intelligence and free will, whose name indicates their mission as ministers of God and ministering spirits to men.
~Catholic Almanac~

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~Peter Paul Rubens and Jan Brueghel~ 1616
Madonna in a Garland of Flowers
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~Artists Unknown~

Perhaps there are no artistic representations that appeal to a greater number of people, of all possible types, than do those of angels.
~Clara Erskine Waters~

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Thank You Bre' for this wonderful award it is greatly appreciated.

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I am a proud member of the Pink Ladies.
We are united in a stand for beauty on the World Wide Web.

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This lovely gift and award are from Sharon "AngelHeart".....they are beautiful and I thank you.

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Claudette how beautiful....thank you so very much

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Thank you Jenny ever the most welcome guest at my home this is so very own house angel.......huggs!!

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Thank you Alison beautiful!!

Angel Award

What a lovely award Kaarina, thank you.

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