Waging war against the Yellowstone wolf

What do the Yellowstone wolf and Yellowstone elk have to do with one another?

Actually it is quite simple.
Wolf eat elk.
Wolf would rather prey on elk but when elk are not handy then next best will be? ... bingo ... BOSSY! ... especially since bossy is on wolf land or adjacent to it.

Voila enter the ranchers of the area.

Now in this 4th grade scenario who stands to get their fur fluffed and tail feathers bent?

Again pretty simple the ranchers and hunters in the area around Yellowstone National Park.

The operative word here is "National Park".
In lay terms that means these parks belong to the citizenry of the USA ... not the special interest groups who are comprised of the ranchers and hunters in the area.

The wolf has had a long hard haul. From the beginning of the 1900 century man has hunted it nearly to extinction. And from that point it has been a mega struggle for it to be re-introduced into areas where it once roamed free.

My question is why is the re-introduction a struggle?
Why do we have to negotiate?
Wildlife was here long before man.
If man can not live in piece and harmony with our animal world then best the guys who have a problem and thousands of acres adjacent to the National Park better go to work for IBM or some like corp and give up ranching.

The latest flap is brought on by a dude named Robert Fanning...now Fanning is a long time defender of Tom Fox ... you all are familiar with the famous Tom Fox ( from Fox Lake Outfitters) who plastered the "macho" wolf killers pictures all over his website and then pitched a real bitch when he got thousands of letters calling him names ... tsk tsk

Now Fanning has also been a long time anti-wolf person who everyone tries to ignore. Only because his statements are so outrageous. They show him up as the fool he actually is.

For example about the re-introduction of the endangered wolf to Yellowstone.

“It’s a fraud,” he says. “They’re not endangered; they do not deserve protection.” and "he’s seen elk and moose populations drop precipitously in the last few years." this is attributed to the wolf population according to Fanning.

Now I could find myself ROTFLMAO except there are those out there that do not know better.

In fact there are 2,500 out there who have each donated $1 to his new organization called "Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd". The group aims to see the state of Montana take over management of wolves that cross the park’s boundary, and to see the wolves taken off the Endangered Species list.

Of course you all know how capable Montana officials are at taking care of wildlife that crosses from the park into their fair state. It is only evident in the killing off of our last remaining natural herd of buffalo.

Is it becoming a little more clear how daffed this man is?
In all honesty Fanning is probably not as daffed as he just plain has an agenda ... a rancher? hunter? outfitter? perhaps.

The truth of the matter is in the winter of 96 and 97 all wildlife in the area were hit very hard. The general consensus among biologists is that the weather is the cause not the predation by wolf or grizzly. Of course Fanning makes no mention of that even though he knows it well.

I have an even better solution for these guys who think the elk are in short supply. I say we pull all the elk hunting permits in Montana, Idaho and Utah until the herds get up to say 80,000 that sould do it wouldn't you say?

That should solve everyone s problem.
There would be plenty of dinner for hungry wolves.
Ranchers would not have to worry so much about the wolf eating the livestock they house for a song on our public land.

As a final thought I think part of the agreement to that cheap land lease deal ... each rancher should throw in a percentage (say 1%) of his herd as wolf dinner just in case a cow gets in the way of the pack on its own territory.

Forget this tap dancing to the tune of the hunters and ranchers over the wildlife issue. Frankly I am tired of FWS bending to the whims of these groups. The killing of the last 2 members of the Sheep Mountain Pack on Wednesday November the 10th was a disgusting example of just that.

We have laws in place that protect these animals
FWS does not have to bend to the ranchers and knock off our wildlife at a whim and them thinking we have to accept that as a way of life is a crock.
We as citizens of the USA have every right to file a class action lawsuit against that organization and each member involved in the decision making process in these events ... just because it has never been done does not mean it won't be the next time around.

These organizations would like us to believe they can not be touched ... ... .that too is a crock.

Thanks to Karen Chapman for keeping me informaed on much of this stuff.
Thanks Sue/GraWolfe for filling in some of the details.
Thank you Wolf Alliance International Members for keeping the feet of the polititions to the fire on so many of these issues.

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On this issue and many more I am still ROFLMAO.


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