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For your information this practice still goes on yearly in a number of areas around the USA.

This is a mirror of Steve's text ... the original has now been removed

Activists protest organized hunt

By Steve Yozwiak
The Arizona Republic
Jan. 16, 1999
Another organized predator hunt -- this one set for today in New River -- was protested Friday by environmentalists who urged the Arizona Game and Fish Commission to outlaw the practice.

The commission is due to vote on the issue at its March meeting in Tucson.

Two similar contests -- in which prizes of up to $10,000 were offered for the most coyotes and other small predators killed -- were canceled last year because of public outrage.

The latest hunt to be protested is being organized by the Arizona Trappers Association and the Arizona Predator Callers, said Cindy Seff of Cave Creek, a spokeswoman for the hunt.

"They're making something out of this that it's not. It isn't a contest. It's just an event. It's a traditional thing. We have it every year (since the 1950s)," said Seff, who with her husband, George, builds custom kitchen cabinets.

"'There's really no story here. They (protesters) go back to the Predatory Hunt Extreme, and that was a contest for bringing in the most animals and having a big cash prize."


Seff said her group attracts 15 to 30 hunters who will bag perhaps 20 coyotes. Participants get to enter a raffle for hats, T-shirts and predator calls, regardless of who kills the most animals.

"We believe predator hunting benefits the prey species and has a positive impact on the predators," she said, describing the killing as more humane than having the animals die of disease or starvation because they are overpopulated.

"All the houses that are being built out here in Cave Creek and Carefree, they're taking the animals' habitat away," Seff said, adding that human intrusion into the natural environment forces predators to prey on livestock.

Cheryl Tobin, an occupational therapist from New River, was among the protesters Friday at the Arizona Game and Fish Department. She said she found out about the hunt the day before.

"I was just appalled that this activity is still legal, that it's still going on, and that it's going on in my back yard," Tobin said. "We love hearing the coyotes. Occasionally we get to see one. That's what living out here is all about!"

John Sanford, chairman of Earth Day Arizona, said it is ridiculous to try to eliminate coyotes, since they repopulate as fast as they are killed to fill every available ecological niche.

Following a yearlong review of options, the commission is expected
to act March 19 and 20 when it meets in Tucson at the
Best Western Inn Suites,
6201 N. Oracle Road.
*** Steve Yozwiak can be reached at: (via e-mail)
or at:

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This contest already occured.......but next year it will happen again. Your words may count if you take the time to write.


send in an email form from this URL - goes to the Governor of Wyoming


At this URL:

Please select below where you would like to send your comment.
Much more detailed in that you can direct where the form will go to as in Governor under the term General Game & Fish, Environmental Quality and so on as listed under Agencies - for Subject be sure and select GENERAL COMMENT.


The Commission serves as the policy making board of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and through the Department provides an adequate and flexible system of control, propagation, management and protection and regulation of all wildlife in Wyoming (W.S. 23-1-301-303).

**Seven members are appointed by the Governor**

for six-year terms with Senate confirmation.

RE CARBON COUNTY!!!!! Where hunt is to OCCUR this Weekend!

URL for Rawlins:
*** Carbon County ***
Representative Tony Rose

Senator Rae Lynn Job

Patricia Schuler, Mayor of Rawling

Chamber of Commerce - Rawlins

(307) 777-4600
FAX - (307) 777-4699

The Department is created and placed under the direction and supervision of the Commission in W.S. 23-1-401. The responsibilities of the Department are defined in W.S. 23-1-103. The Department is charged with providing..."an adequate and flexible system for the control, management, protection, and regulation of all Wyoming wildlife."

Call (307) 777-4600 between 800AM and 500PM Mountain Time For further information.


The Story

Another year and another plan to exterminate coyotes in Rawlins, Wyoming! The seventh annual 1998 Coyote Hunt is scheduled for the weekend of November 13-15, 1998. This wildlife killing contest attracts hunters from around the country to Rawlins where they pay an entry fee to kill as many coyotes as they can for prize money. Thus far, $14,000.00 in prize money will be awarded to hunters at a banquet culminating the event at the Weston Inn in Rawlins on the evening of November 14. Last year, 242 coyotes were slaughtered by hunters who claim they are doing a service for the community by eradicating coyotes before they can prey on wildlife and domestic livestock. Such claims are ludicrous and self-serving. Wildlife killing contests are nothing more than commercial slaughter operations that result in incredible damage to ecosystems and serve no purpose other than gratifying the bloodthirsty desires of those who want to kill animals for fun and money. Such unethical and deplorable practices must be abolished. Please contact the following individuals to express your outrage. Ask them to work to have this event canceled and to have wildlife killing contests permanently banned in their community!


Gary Graalman
229 West Larsen
Rawlins, WY 82301
(307) 324-2369 (H)
(307) 328-9280 (W)
Art Zeiger
Box 246
Saratoga, WY
(307) 326-8489 (H)
(307) 326-5620 (W
Linda Fleming
Box 59
Baggs, WY 82321
(307) 383-7645 (H)
(307) 383-2185 (W)



Mr. Martin Colburn
Inn City Manager
Box 953
Rawlins, WY 82301
(307) 328-4500
Norm Heater (Organizer of the Event)
1606 South River
Saratoga, WY 82331
(307) 326-8295


(Be certain to include your signature and telephone number.)

Letters to the Editor
Rawlins Daily Times
P.O. Box 370
Rawlins, WY 82301-0370
FAX (307) 324-2797

Send a copy of your letter to:

John Baughman
Director, Wyoming Game and Fish Department
5400 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82006.

You may want to make the following points:

* Wildlife killing contests are unnecessary, unethical, inhumane and are antithetical to teaching respect for nature.

* Coyotes have been the victims of persecution for too long. Scientific studies indicate that coyotes have an important role to play in ecosystems. Their indiscriminate slaughter has devastating ecological impacts and destroys coyote social structures.

* Communities should prohibit killing contests if for no other reason than to protect their teu.cgi. Economic growth is largely dependent upon a positive public teu.cgi.

For more information, please contact Andrea Lococo at:
The Fund for Animals' Rocky Mountain office.
Phone (307) 859-8840,


Thank you Linda Allan for your great photos.
Used with her permission.

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